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The Idrostar was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of autoclaves and working groups from the outset with major Italian companies.
Then its line of production focused mainly on building groups and Fire in 1990 following the introduction of the Regulations Uni 9490 the production of fire protection systems became the core of its manufacturing activities.
From March 2007 to comply with European standard EN12845 modified the building and our company is readily aligned in the performance of systems in full compliance with the new European regulations.
They have also been introduced turnkey systems that provide for the supply of tanks for outdoor or underground water reservoir and complete the solution of Prefabricated Full constructed as indicated by the standards 11292.

Our structure, very lean, it allows ad hoc design solutions depending on various problems of space and housing and short deadlines.

All our systems are delivered with CERTIFICATES and test report required for the composition with motor pump.

The materials used, the pumps for Diesel engines, only new, they are all made in italy, by primary companies known worldwide, as well as the electrical part, including where possible, the electro-mecanichal solutions instead of electronic

We are also retailers of Electric pumps for domestic and industrial use: the pumps are of Asian origin, tested and selected in Italy to ensure excellent reliability and positive had in years of market presence enables us to set goals aiming for a future expansion of products always guaranteeing the quality more


The groups in our over 25 years of history have found installation in different public and private structures of primary importance among these will include:

Cartiere Paolo Pigna Spa Alzano Lombardo
Politecnico di Milano
Hospital Borgosesia (Vc)
Stadium of Benevento
Teatro Coccia in Novara
Marina Capri
Lampedusa Reception Centre
Henkel factory Milan
Multiplex Cinema in Castelletto Ticino (NO)
Nursing home "Lagostina" Omegna.
Hospital S. Anna Como
Fischer Group dowels Busalla (Ge)

This is to make a small list of the most important structures.

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