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Conditions of sale

All ns. supplies are regulated by the general conditions of sale printed.
Other conditions are only valid if confirmed in writing by IDROSTAR srl.

Orders must indicate the exact description of the products and are valid only if confirmed in writing.

The prices are exclusive of VAT, packaging and transport and may vary according to general market conditions and variations in raw materials or supplies, any increase will be applied at the time of delivery prior agreements between the parties.

The delivery times indicated in our order confirmations from us will be observed as far as possible, but no means exhaustive.
The IDROSTAR Ltd. assumes no liability for damages (fines etc.) due to delivery delays and delivery means when the goods are ready for shipment date or given to the shipper.
The IDROSTAR reserves the right to extend the delivery of the material in the event of:
1) Force majeure due to strikes, delays by our delivery. suppliers for the same reasons, atmospheric winds
that can damage our plants.
2) Incorrect or delayed instructions from the buyer for the execution of the product.
3) In the event of non-payment, even partial, of previous supply.
4) Changes on the performance of the product after the order confirmation.

The goods travel at the risk and peril even if sent carriage franco.il receiver must check the goods before the release of the courier. Any shortage or breakage should be reported to the carrier making the delivery and reported on DDT countersigned by courier. Any claims for damages must be presented at the same.
Any claims for goods or different quantities must be reported within 8 days from receipt of the goods The IDROSTAR srl reserves the choice of mode of shipment unless otherwise specified by the customer shipments
freight collect.

Payments must be made directly to the supplier's domicile in the manner and terms indicated in the order confirmation. The Idrostar reserves the right to suspend or cancel deliveries by notice without demanding anything from the customer for compensation or loss of any kind except instead ns. law.
The late payment will incur the interest rate as DLn. 231 of 09/10/2002.
The IDROSTAR reserves the right to property until full payment of the supply.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship and material for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, will be considered the invoice or receipt issued by the retailer Vs and identification labels. Excluded are the broken parts or failed as a result of improper operation, of incompetence and rupture caused by transport and from causes beyond our. will. Recall that the goods travel at the risk and peril even if shipped prepaid the part or parts claimed to be defective must be received at Our headquarters in Freeport prior written approval, the pieces received will be rejected without our permission, no free port .
Defective parts will be controlled by the Ns uffico technical account manager, and the only one to determine whether or not covered under warranty: Products that are defective and therefore under warranty will be replaced or repaired and shipped back to the customer, freight prepaid, while those that do not fall the warranty will be rendered with the charging of expenses repair and carriage forward.

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