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Fire-fighting booster sets

The Idrostar was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of fire fighting booster sets and working groups from the outset with major Italian companies.

Autoclaves: Fire-fighting booster sets AUTOPRESS O VERTICALPRESS breakers for civil use, industrial, agricultural brought up time and 216 mc prevalences up to 100 meters.
The groups are intended for use with pump reserve active or total depending on the type of use. They are built with 2 or more pumps, horizontal or vertical on single base in galvanized steel.

The connection between the hydraulic pump through manifolds, ball valves, check valves, all series with attack power for air

Pressure controls for automatic pump.

Electrical panel control and protection standards with a low voltage circuit, the electronic card for the alternation of the pumps, signal lights, switches esclusione.predisposto against dry running

Fire-fighting booster sets can be supplied complete with expansion vessel with membrane valve IDROTEMP to limit the number of speech engines by increasing the length and contain energy consumption.


Fire-fighting booster sets
 EN 12845 can be trained by
Groups to one or more pumps to power that can be built with one pump as total reserves.
Groups with pump one pumps one diesel pump starts in case of lack of electric power.
These are the groups that provide the bulk. To work with the most economically sound solution. Groups to power more motogeneratore motor diesel especially in cases where Various reasons are used submersible pumps and a guarantee of continuous operation also Lack of energy.

All groups include the use of a pump compensation, wich is responsible for maintaining pressure. The installation in pressure automatically compensating the loss of any small.

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