elettropompe novara
vendita pompe, elettropompe


Automatic test can be a control system or autodiagnosi alsosaid that SELF program utomatically start a day set automatic / pump / and that in case of anomalies.
Activates an alarm system-visual noise.
Keep in mind that this does not exclude from nanual control with recording in the book.

Framework alarms:
intervention / pump / and must operate an alarm system powered by a Source other than electric pumps: this does not come with the group but under electric plans to set a relay with four pairs of contacts, namely to achieve without tension the alarm.

It requirede a further automatic beeping light signals that the lack voltage or a stage on the local constantly manned. Usually this is not provided with group but did make on the spot by the designre of electricity.

And still available as optional picture with a battery buffer installed on the machine with the ability to bring.
Remote signals and feature tracking features and drawbacks.

Tank 500 litres
tank for installation over max water level.

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