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Groups to feeding electrical worker:

electrical pumps of service apt to satisfy the deducted requirements of plants from the  planner. They can be horizontal type coupled with elastic joint on base in steel, vertical or with pumps submergeed. The pumps must however guarantee the requirement previewed from norms EN 12845 to point 10.1
- the performances are to norms EN 12723.
- the electric motors of adapted power are of the closed type to external ventilation protection IP 55 turns 2900 or 1450.

Every pump of service comes equipped gives:

A cone of opportune graduation in order to contain the speed of water immediately over the pump it comes connected a guage with test tap, a drainage connection tries containment valve, a connection DN 50 for taken bathtub of feeding in aspiration case over clapper.

One security valve for working pumps with closed out. One valve of containmente of the type to pressure differentiated with shop of inspection for the control of the inner organs, fi lled to diameter 2. from 2.1/2 in then fl anged.

A connection to T for connection to the capacity meter. One valve indicates at open or closed position collector of sent of the diameter adapted to the capacity of pumps on which the pumps of service and the pump of compensation are connected.
Double pressure switches for every pump with circuit of manual test of operation with valve of interception (for exclusion of swiches) the discharge valve for the operation test, valve of containment for emergency in the accidental case tha the interception valve was sluice.

On aspiration of pump service it comes mounted a (manuvuotometro) with test tap, in order to control pump suction. Attack with eventual valve for sprinkler to local protection pumps.

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