elettropompe novara
vendita pompe, elettropompe

Operating principe


The plant is kept under pressure from the pump to compensate with automatic system start and stop.

In the majority required by the opening of a hose or from a partly splinkler Electro-pump or main elecropumps driven by a pressure switch, once lots shall be stopped manually as requirede by standards EN 12845.

In some cases (only with water cannons or hoses) is provided by the rules the possibility of arrest 10779. Automatic pump timer and through after 20 minutes of operation at pressures than detachment of pressure.

A circuit recycling pump for each service that is provided by a diaphram or a valve. Challenge for gold when the pumps operate at outlet closed ensures cooling. A circuit with back in the tank for measuring the fl ow and reading that is also direct evidence for manual control and testing in groups with motopompa or generator; these automatically starts only when is running the electrical pump service and there is not

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