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Part eletricity

Part electricity
Electrical panel EN 12845 (one for each pump service)

Start direct reach to 7,5 kw, star Delta from 10 kw on, wrapping metal enclosure. In epoxy painted with a degree of protection IP 55 standards (EN 12845 point 10 8.5.) Which includes Found:

  • switch-port blockade
  • carrier segmentable fuses with high power interruption
  • auxiliary processor for command entry 230/400 exit 0-55/110
  • contactor power without thermal protection (contactors for S/T)
  • voltmeter with analog voltage selector
  • analog ammeter reading directly with TA
  • selector for AUTOMATIC-ZERO-MANUAL key removable only in AUT.
  • MARCH-buttons ARREST
  • green lamp pump in motion
  • red lamp pump fir
  • lamp voltage
  • lamps double orange alert phases
  • relay contacts with two pairs clean 2NO + 2NC for external reporting network failure, lack phase sequence control stages
  • pressacavi
  • buttons test lamps
  • lamp called pressure remotable
  • lamp failure to start remotable
  • at the request timer to shut off automatically after 20 minutes 10779.

Electrical panel pump compensation as follows:

  • cassettes plastic self-protection IP 55 marks IMQ
  • switch-port blockade
  • BT transformer voltage fuse with auxiliary circuit protection
  • Triad segmentable fuse with fuses
  • selector MAN - O - AUT
  • contactor power V110 with electronic relay heat
  • signalling voltage lamps, pump in motion, heat block
  • terminals with floating command preparation for the march against dry
  • pressocavi.

Electrical connections:

Electrical connections for feeding paintings of electropumps service must comply with the EN 12845 standards which provide for a limited group for the fi re, in the case of two pumps.

Food must be separated: the pump pilot and any self frameworks or alarms must be fed from sources other than those of the main pumps.

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