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Local rules 11292

Since August 2008, entered into force new rules requiring precise indications for pump rooms. Among the indications normally be considered decisive parameters, the fire resistance, the spaces in order to operate, the heights, the brightness, the accessibility, electrical systems etc..
For this reason, we propose solutions that give the ability to have the pump assembly completely assembled within a designated.

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LOCAL EXTERNAL PRECAST as STANDARDS EN12845 and 11292 in 5.1 and later (unlike most of the ones on the market is always possible to work on electrical components while remaining within the local area where it is guaranteed the minimum size of 80 cm) can be made pump rooms properly constructed in accordance with the Standards 11292 with the pumping unit completely mounted inside with attached particular depending on the type of installation. This solution has the advantage of having the pump unit fully assembled and the pump room scrupulously 11292 standards with limited space and connection costs contained. Even the transport is not in never falling exceptional transport reducing handling costs.

For further information please contact our technical department

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