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Peripheral and volumetric pumps

The Idrostar was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of peripheral and volumetric pumps and working groups from the outset with major Italian companies.

The Idrostar was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of peripheral and volumetric pumps and working groups from the outset with major Italian companies.

Then its line of production focused mainly on building groups and Fire in 1990 following the introduction of the Regulations Uni 9490 the production of fire protection systems became the core of its manufacturing activities.
From March 2007 to comply with European standard EN12845 modified the building and our company is readily aligned in the performance of systems in full compliance with the new European regulations.



Peripheral and volumetric pumps

of help in addition tu user and pump / electric and is expected motopumps propelled by a diesel engine coupled with an elastic coupling to the horizontal centrifugal pump in scope and prevalence equal to electrical pumps the engines are chosen based on power consumption Maximum pump ad required by standards EN 12845 section 10.9.1.

The peripheral and volumetric pumps are accompanied by:
Electrical panel comprising

  • Sheet metal box painted in epoxy degree of protection IP 55
  • general block
  • double battery chargers with voltmeters and ammeters to control the charging and status batterie
  • centralina for electronic control of diesel goodwill automatic reporting of nonstarter, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, counter and counter digital
  • Selettore key MAN-O-AUT with key extraction only aut. Lamps spies engine running, lack tension
  • terminal set up for repetition of all allarm
  • push buzzen for emergency starts
  • sistem for automatic 6 starters for 6 avviaments

Warming oil

for motor oil (used to keep the engine oil and a temperature that ensures the delivery of power at maximum).

Fuel tank
sized to ensure suffi cient quantities for continuous operation for a minimum of six hours at maximum power.

two batteries in size so as to ensure 10 starts for each.

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