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Uni EN 12845

The Idrostar was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of autoclaves according to European standards UNI EN 12845

The best solutions for the pumping of water for the power plant fire.
Since September 2007, the standard Uni EN 12845 has actually replaced the rule UNI9490.

This has led to some modified plants that structural fire, but above all have changed the standards for design.

Fire system Uni EN 12845 can be trained by
Groups to one or more pumps to power that can be built with one pump as total reserves.
Groups with pump one pumps one diesel pump starts in case of lack of electric power.
These are the groups that provide the bulk. To work with the most economically sound solution. Groups to power more motogeneratore motor diesel especially in cases where Various reasons are used submersible pumps and a guarantee of continuous operation also Lack of energy.

All groups include the use of a pump compensation, wich is responsible for maintaining pressure. The installation in pressure automatically compensating the loss of any small.


Groups to feeding electrical worker:

electrical pumps of service apt to satisfy the deducted requirements of plants from the  planner. They can be horizontal type coupled with elastic joint on base in steel, vertical or with pumps submergeed. The pumps must however guarantee the requirement previewed from norms Uni EN 12845 to point 10.1
- the performances are to norms EN 12723.
- the electric motors of adapted power are of the closed type to external ventilation protection IP 55 turns 2900 or 1450.



of help in addition tu user and pump / electric and is expected motopumps propelled by a diesel engine coupled with an elastic coupling to the horizontal centrifugal pump in scope and prevalence equal to electrical pumps the engines are chosen based on power consumption Maximum pump ad required by standards Uni EN 12845 section 10.9.1.


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